Adoption Day Letter for Our Twins

Landry, Everly, and Jude,
We cannot believe that adoption day has finally come! And while your place in our hearts has never changed, we are so glad to finally call you “little augusties!”
So, our sweet little augusties, today our sons and daughter forever, we promise that we will always work for your good, we will always be there when you fall. When the days are dark, we will be right by your side, reminding you of who you are. When the days are bright, we will be dancing with you.
In this adoption world, people like to say how lucky you are, but we know the truth, we are the lucky ones.
Landry Kent,
We’ll be your strength and give you hope. We will hold you in our arms, right where you belong.
We promise to help you find the adventure inside you. We promise to be the quiet to your loud and your safe place to crash. We promise to nurture the gentle and sweet boy you are because we know who you are and we know how amazing that boy is. We promise to never stop seeing you, truly seeing you.
Everly Jean,
Our little girl, you have stolen our hearts and made them your own.
We will never stop trying to show you how to love with no fear. We promise to always remind you of the strong and powerful, soft and delicate girl that you are and to help you find the black girl magic inside of you. We promise to never stop seeing you, truly seeing you.
Jude William,
While this is not your adoption, 2 years ago on this day, it was your adoption and that makes this day all the sweeter.
We have never had any doubt that this is where you belong.
When the world seems heavy on your shoulders, we promise to remind you of the light that shines inside of you and oh, does it shine so brightly. We promise to never stop dreaming with you and believing in you. And one day, when you are an astronaut blasting off into space, we will wave from earth (and Mama will probably cry). We promise to never stop seeing you, truly seeing you.
Happy Adoption Day little augusties, January 23rd is forever the best day ever.
We will love you forever
We will like you for always
As long as we’re living,
Our babies you’ll be.


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